About Claire

I’m Claire Evans, and I confess: I’m an American Anglophile. You can take me literally, as I do love my husband who happens to have been born in Coventry and moved to Cornwall in his youth. But I loved England long before I met him, and the fact we get to have tea together every day is just gravy.  If I ever need to snap his head to attention, I’ve threatened to toss all the PG Tips teabags into the bathtub and re-enact the Boston Tea Party. Thankfully, it’s never come to that.

I was a foreign exchange student in London in the early 2000’s while in law school, when I got to know that great city as you do only by living as a local. I thought it would be easy because I already spoke the language, which I found was a faulty assumption every time I stepped into a Hackney cab. Every day, I tried to visit a new point of interest. Some days I saved my pounds and paid an admission fee or took a professional tour, but often I sought out where to eat and take in the culture on a budget.

I took my UK knowledge to the graduate level when my English boyfriend and I got married, and moved to the UK six months later.  We lived in Peterborough, and I worked for Citizens Advice Bureau in Cambridge.  We explored different parts of the island almost every weekend for several years.  My husband’s family still calls Cornwall home, so that’s an area of the UK I have quite a bit of experience with.

Work called my husband back to the US, and I worked for a large cultural training company as a cultural and relocation consultant for people moving between the US and the UK, primarily.  I’ve also worked as a journalist and college lecturer.  After years of advising friends and work colleagues on both travel and relocation, I’m making the contents of my brain and my years of experience available for you, whether you want to attend one of my library programs for adults or have the best trip or work experience possible.