UK/US Relocation

Are you relocating to the UK from the US, and want to pick the brain of someone who’s lived that experience herself?

Even though Americans allegedly speak English, moving to the UK can be daunting.  The rules will change about so many details of every day life that we take for granted. Let’s talk through some of the major things you’ll need to consider, as well as some of the minor ones, because everyone knows the devil is in the details. I’ll help manage your expectations, and hope to give you some peace of mind about what to expect of your new life.

I charge $150 for a 90-minute discussion. I’m available on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and via phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It would be nice to live in the UK. Where do I begin?

The first place to start is figuring out if you qualify for a visa, which Americans need if they intend to remain in the UK six months or longer. There are specific legal requirements, and not everyone meets them. I always suggest people consult an immigration attorney. Use her or him to determine whether you qualify for a visa and facilitate this process. I do not provide immigration advice, or any legal advice for that matter, including business arrangements or income tax information.

What information do you provide clients?

Have you ever heard the term “unknown knowns” – questions there are answers to, but you don’t necessarily know to ask? I focus on the practicalities of daily living and cultural differences that savvy Americans should take note of to ease their transition. Americans might make the mistake of assuming because the language is the same, the way things work are similar. However, there are striking differences. We can review everything from how to shop for lightbulbs (different than the U.S.), different banking terminology, advice on car shopping and getting a UK driving license, and what numbers to call in case of an emergency. We’ll go through an entire checklist of information I think it would be useful for Americans to know, and of course, answer any (nonlegal) questions you might have. My goal is to save you time and ease your mind in what can be a stressful time.